How We Work

Advertising, tours, negotiations – the full service for your workspace

From Empty Space to Full Office


Let’s get your workspace set up, photographed, priced and ready for the world to see.


We advertise your space on our website and all the top commercial
property portals.


We qualify every lead, book tours and send you regular feedback about how it’s all going.


We negotiate a deal with a price, length and terms that work for both you and the tenant.

how to rent out office space

Step 1. Set Up

Do you have a few spare desks, an empty commercial space or an estblished coworking centre? Tell us what you want to rent out and we’ll give tailored advice on set-up, amenities and pricing. As an OH partner, you get exclusive access to a full toolkit that will prepare you for renting out a shared office space.

renting my office space out

Step 2. Advertising

Using our world-leading client portal WALTA you will set up your listing with current availability and pricing. We’ll add our magic and push it to the world with an unrivalled combination of marketing techniques. We generate more enquiries than anyone else and 80% of our enquirers go on a workspace tour, giving you the chance to meet them and see if your office space suits their business.

how to rent out spare desks

Step 3. Arranging Tours

We’ll get people through your doors, and they’ll be fully qualified and matched with your workspace based on their needs. We convert 20% of tours to tenants – we’re the world’s No.1 for finding tenants and we can do it for all types of office space.

Step 4. Deal Made

As brokers, we are in the best position to negotiate between you and the tenant. We help them understand the market and we encourage them to rent your office space if it suits them best. With our success-only fee we only win when you win, so you know we are doing everything we can to successfully rent your office space.

Partner Testimonial

Meet Your Desk has been part of the Office Hub family since 2014. Find out why it’s a wonderful partnership.

We Work With All Types of Space

Our approach to finding your ideal tenant varies depending on the type of space you have.

Spare Office Space


Do you have spare office space with no immediate need to use it? We’ll rent it out until you need it again! Whether it’s a single desk, a private office or an entire floor, we’ll manage the entire process from designing the space, building a marketing campaign, booking the tours and closing the deal. All you need to do is meet and greet your prospective tenants and get ready to see your bottom line grow.

Coworking Space and Serviced Office

Coworking & serviced

If you have an established shared workspace, we'll target tenants who will love the unique make-up of your space. Our industry-leading site gives you control of your listing and reflects real-time pricing and availability. We’ll qualify all prospective tenants, confirm tour times and offer 360-degree post-tour feedback. We’ll fill your centre, one space at a time!

Conventional Office Space

conventional offices

If you’re a property investor exploring the option of converting your conventional office into a managed workspace, we can help. A managed space is similar to a conventional lease except it comes furnished with internet and electricity, the lease terms are more flexible and you could have a number of smaller tenants instead of just one. It’s a rapidly emerging market given the increased ROI for investors and we’re the experts in building and filling successful managed spaces.

Temporary Office Space

Temporary Space

If you have space that is designed for events, pop-ups or something else a little outside the box, we can help occupy your space more often with our online campaigns. Built to drive enquiries, our campaigns will help connect your space with businesses looking for temporary space. Your listings will reflect real-time availability and pricing which is perfect for the fast-moving changes and temporary nature of your space.

Our Difference

We’re different because we have a team of workspace experts who know the industry, promote your space and find your ideal tenant faster than anyone else. We’re matchmakers who find the perfect match between office owners and tenants!


Whilst we have shared a lot of information there may still be questions left unanswered. Hopefully you can find what you are looking for below, otherwise get in touch at any time!

Creating a shared space is a simple cost-effective process as many of the core items required are generally already in your office space. The must-haves are desks, chairs, wireless internet and electricity as well as shared facilities like a kitchen, meeting rooms and common areas. These items are generally included in the rent paid by the tenant each month making invoicing simple.

When you work with Office Hub, you’ll soon find that communication is key to how we work. We qualify every prospect over the phone to determine their workspace DNA and guarantee they are a perfect fit for your space. The details are then attached in an email to you along with the time and day the tour will take place.

At Office Hub we see ourselves as workspace matchmakers who introduce businesses signing up to share space together. However, we are not into blind dates so we always get the workspace owner to meet, greet and show any prospects around their space – you run the tour and manage the ongoing relationship with your tenant.

We’ll give the prospective tenant a post-tour call – they usually will have toured 3-5 spaces on one day so we’ll help narrow down their shortlist to 1-2 spaces. We report everything back to you in an email and online via WALTA (Workspace and Lead Tracking Assistant), our online portal which makes feedback and communication with you easy.

Every workspace owner has an account manager dedicated to them who is there to answer any questions around their space, tours and deal negotiation. We also have WALTA (Workspace and Lead Tracking Assistant), our online portal which is available to access 24×7 – all the details of the prospective tenants are stored along with our team’s insight into where the deal stage is at.

The term of each deal varies depending on the needs of the business searching for an office space. As a guide our average customer generally needs space for 6-12 months, however we do offer solutions for anything from a day to several years.

Established workspace owners who are running a managed space like a serviced office generally manage the paperwork and funds transfers directly with the incoming tenant. For private owners of space which is not already configured as a shared office, we offer a paperless online license agreement which can be signed on any device. Office Hub takes care of the funds needed to secure the office space such as deposits or bonds.

Every listing we have shows on Office Hub’s website, which is the original and No. 1 shared office space portal for finding flexible furnished office space.

In addition to this, Office Hub is registered licensed commercial agent in Australia, which means we can market our workspaces across the country’s top four commercial real estate websites, reaching a wider audience than anyone else:



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We will straight away sign you up to WALTA, our online workspace portal, which gives you the ability to upload the DNA of your office into the system. We’ll review and optimise the content and make sure you’ve got some great photographs, then we’re good to go live – we can have your listing live online within an hour ready for the world to see.

Office Hub is the only company in the world providing real time availabilities including pricing on shared and flexible office spaces. As part of your onboarding, our team will upload your floor-plan into WALTA so all you need do is tick on the office you want to lease, put a price on it and outline any incentive needed to drive a deal. If you’re unsure about any of this, just get in touch with our team – we’re here to give expert friendly advice to help you get the most from your extra office space.